Grading Tests

Grading Tests are held every quarter; March, June, September and December. Eligible students will be listed on the whiteboard at the lobby of the Coatesville Gym. Tests start promptly at 9:30 AM.

Testing Requirements

Testing Procedures

Students will test a maximum of every three months until red belt, but generally will test two to three times per year. 

  • Tests begin at 9:30 AM. Students who arrive late will not be permitted to test.
  • Uniforms should be clean, belts should be tied correctly. No Jewelry should be worn.
  • Male students do not wear shirts underneath their uniform. Female students must wear a white shirt underneath.
  • Students must stay the entire duration of the test.
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Grading Tests are held on a Saturday morning every March, June, September and December. The examination takes approximately two hours depending on the size of the groups. Students are tested in groups of similar rank and experience and are not tested individually; white belts test with white belts, orange with orange, etc. A full list of testing requirements is available to review. The test is held just like a typical class and proper discipline and etiquette is expected.

Minimum Time Between Tests

  • White to Orange Belt: 3 Months
  • Orange to Green Belt: 6 Months
  • Green Belt to Red Belt: 9 Months
  • Red Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt: 2 Years 
  • 1st Degree to 2nd Degree Black Belt:  2 Years
  • 2nd Degree to 3rd Degree Black Belt: 3 Years
  • 3rd Degree to 4th Degree Black Belt: 4 Years

Testing Eligibility

Students are eligible to test after meeting the initial time and material requirements for the next rank. Other factors that can affect eligibility include effort in class, behavior at home and performance in school. Most of the time, the younger the student, especially for the 5 and 6 year old children, the longer it takes to prepare them for testing. Testing requirements are the same for both children and adults.

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