Traditional Martial Arts in Chester County

  • Instructed by 6x international gold medalist
  • Students with national and international titles
  • No contracts or black-belt clubs gimmicks
  • Students build real skills and confidence
AmKor Karate Martial Arts

Recent Competion Results 🎉

Our five-person team brought home six gold medals at the 2023 Korean Karate Nationals at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, one-hour southeast of Pittsburgh. Congratulations to our newest national champions!

Paige 2023 Korean Karate Championships Nationals

Paige M.

Black Belt

1st Place Fighting
2nd Place Forms
4th Place Weapons

Harlow 2023 Korean Karate Championships Nationals

Harlow S.


1st Place Fighting
1st Place Forms
1st Place Weapons

Paul 2023 Korean Karate Championships Nationals

Paul M.


1st Place Fighting
1st Place Forms

About the Instructor

6th degree black belt Michael Campagnini

Michael Campagnini, 6th degree black belt

AmKor Karate of Coatesville is headed by 6th-degree black belt Michael Campagnini, who has taught at this location since 2013. Michael received his black belt in 1997 under Kwan Jang Nim Frederick Scott, 9th dan, and has over 30 years in martial arts. With well over 100 competitions at the adult black belt level, Michael has collected a wealth of experience all the way up to the international level. Before teaching at our Coatesville location, Michael has taught karate at Neumann University, AmKor Karate Institutes Aston, AmKor Karate Institutes Bryn Mawr, and Summit Sports Complex in Villanova.

coatesville karate class group photo 2023

Karate Classes for kids and adults in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

AmKor Karate Institutes was founded in 1977 by 9th degree black belt, Master Frederick Scott. Our AmKor instructors have spent decades training under Master Scott, is widely recognized as one of the world's top experts on Tang Soo Do. Throughout his career, he has taught karate classes to celebrities and professional athletes. Additionally, he has commentated the Olympic Tae Kwon Do events for NBC.

Tai Chi in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Shannon Luo tai chi instructor in Coatesville, pa

Shannon Luo

Founded by Shannon Luo, Tao's Taiji Association is a non-profit organization with the mission to help raise awareness of the benefits of practicing Tai Chi (Taiji). Shannon has over nine years of experience with Taiji, XingYi, and BuGua Zhang; all three traditional Chinese martial arts under Master Zhen Kang Sun. Her goal is to bring traditional Taiji to students and help them achieve inner peace, physical strength, and a sharper mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We take pride in teaching martial arts in the traditional way, building skill through hard work, focus and dedication.

Why Choose AmKor Karate of Coatesville?

Master Michael Campagnini, 6th degree black belt, has over thirty years of experience in Tang Soo Do. With over 100 medals and trophies at local, national and international martial arts competitions, there are very few martial arts instructors with the same qualifications.

Proven Instructors

Our instructors have all trained directly under Master Scott for decades.

Successful Students

Our students have successfully competed at the national and international levels.

No Contracts

Our dues are month-to-month with no gimmicks or long-term contracts.

Rank is Earned

Promotions are earned by the students and not handed out just for attending.

Karate Benefits

There are dozens of physical and mental benefits to taking martial arts classes.

Great Value

We are priced lower than our competition and offer more experienced instructors.


Tang Soo Do Martial Arts

Tang Soo Do is a dynamic Korean style with fast kicks and striking. At the higher levels, we incorporate wrestling, judo, and jiujitsu techniques to round out our students' ability to defend themselves in the modern world.

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Real Skills

Kaleena Grand Champion Martial Arts



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