About AmKor Karate Coatesville

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AmKor Karate Institutes

Teaching Traditional Martial Arts since 1977

AmKor Karate was founded in 1977 by 8th degree black belt, Master Frederick Scott. During the last four decades, our schools have competed around the world, establishing ourselves as a dominant force in martial arts. Under Master Scott, AmKor Karate has had many celebrity students, including Pat Croce, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Philadelphia Flyers, and more.

AmKor Karate schools are not franchises and each chief instructor has trained directly under Master Scott since white belt. Our schools do not require contracts, expensive clubs, or gimmicks. Find out more information about AmKor Karate Institutes at www.amkorkarate.com.

Master Michael Campagnini

Head Instructor and 5th degree black belt

Master Campagnini, 5th degree black belt, is the head instructor at AmKor Karate of Coatesville. Having been a student of Master Scott since 1992, Master Campagnini has been a successful competitor in local, national, and international events.  Proving our method of teaching is effective, our students have successfully competed at all levels of competition. We are grateful that we are able to provide these opportunities to our students and we look forward to continuing our competitive excellence.

Many of our black belts that still train today began when they were young children. Through training, they have developed amazing personalities, confidence, physical and mental strength, friendships and unique experiences. We teach strong fundamentals that will continue to be reinforced throughout their martial arts career and build off of those skills to develop real skills. Beginning students can expect to dive into the basics of Tang Soo Do, becoming stronger and reinforcing their bodies to handle the harder material that comes later. Intermediate students start to learn methods of self-defense, de-escalation and problem solving. Our Advanced students implement higher levels of self-defense, sweeps and takedowns, pinning and control techniques, weapon defense and more. All students continually improve basics, kicking, striking and forms as they advance through ranks.

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