Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some of the most common questions we have answered over the years. Remember, if you have a question not answered below, contact us directly.

Tang Soo Do, Korean Martial Arts

Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan is a modern martial arts, founded by Grandmaster Hwang, Kee in 1945. The name is translated to China Hand Way, or, the Way of the China Hand. The style is easily identifiable with high, dynamic kicking.

Our Intermediate level forms are derivatives of the Pinan (Heian in Japanese, Pyung Ahn in Korean) forms developed by the famous Okinawan, Anko Itosu. Our advanced forms are inherited from older Japanese Shotokan Kata.

AmKor Karate Institutes was founded by Master Frederick Scott, 8th degree black belt, in 1977. Instructed by H.C. Hwang, son of Hwang, Kee, Master Scott is internationally recognized as one of the leading Martial Arts Instructors in our art.

Master Michael Campagnini, head instructor of AmKor Karate of Coatesville, holds a 5th degree black belt under Master Frederick Scott. Master Campagnini began training in Tang Soo Do in 1992, nearly three decades ago.

Grading Tests

Grading Test

Grading Tests are designed to put our students under pressure and demonstrate to friends and family what they have learned. Students are expected to have a arrive early with a clean uniform (and belt!). Students who arrive late will not be permitted to test and will be sent home. Please remember this when planning travel times.

Our testing structure is in ascending rank order. White belts test first, followed by orange, then green and finally, red belts. Students in any particular group will test with other similarly ranked candidates, they will not test alone. We understand that students will be nervous and will push them to do their best.

Parents will not be permitted to talk to their children once the test begins. Bathrooms are available at the facility. The entire grading test will take approximately two hours, candidates are expected to stay the entire duration. Read more about our testing requirements for each rank.


Kids Competition

Tournaments are held throughout the year but are not required for our students. In general, students who are actively competing perform at much higher levels in class. There are many skills and lessons to be learned by participating in these events.

What if the student loses?

The student only loses if nothing is learned. Every tournament experience can teach something new and challenge you in a new way.

What do competitions cost?

A competition entrance fee ranges from $50 to $75. Some have spectator tickets for about $5.

Our school competes at all levels - locally, nationally and internationally. Students are only invited to the higher level teams if they are actively competing at the lower levels.

Age and Requirements to Start

Our children's classes start for ages 5 to ensure the student has a general understanding of their body mechanics. Our classes accommodate adults as well; if you think you are too old, contact us and find out.

We always recommend consulting a medical profession before starting any sport or exercise. If you are trying to get in shape, start out slow and work on making the movements big and slow. Strength and fitness will come as your body acclimates to the activity.

Students should not wear any jewelry or fashion statements. Male students do not wear a shirt underneath their uniform. Female students wear a white shirt underneath their uniform.

Can Parents watch Classes?

We recommend that parents and potential students watch a class before enrolling; however, we do not allow parents to watch classes during our normal schedule. This policy cuts down on distractions and noise, unwelcomed coaching from the sidelines and allows the student to focus on training. 

What Equipment is Needed?

Students in the 7+ year old classes should have their own protective equipment for fighting by Orange Belt (or sooner). This includes Head Gear, Hand Gear, Foot Gear, a Mouthpiece and groin protection for the males. This gear is the same that they would use in a competition setting. The Head, Hand Gear and Mouth Piece should last for years. Foot Gear is the only piece that the student may grow out of and need replaced.

Where can I buy Protective Equipment?
Protective Equipment can be purchased by talking to your instructor. Groin Protection can be purchased at any sporting goods store.

Uniforms and Hygiene

Students should wear a clean, wrinkle free uniform to class with no jewelry or fashion statements. Male students do not wear a shirt underneath their uniform, female students should wear a white undershirt. Any jewelry that can be taken out, should be taken out before class. Any uniform picks up an odor or stain from improper care will need to be replaced.

We expect all the normal hygienic care from our students such as clipped nails, cleanliness, etc.

What we Expect from our Students

We expect our students to represent themselves outside of the gym with the same traits they develop in class. Students are expected to do well in school, be respectful and do any chores at home without complaint. Parents are encouraged to discuss any behavior, positive or negative, with the instructor.

How many Instructors are there?

All classes are taught by Master Michael Campagnini. Our teenage black belts who are interested in learning to teach may also be assisting during class time.

Monthly Tuition and Payments

Most students have invoices generated on the 1st of each month. Payments for monthly tuition are due by the 15th of the month to allow for convenient scheduling around mortgages or other important bills. If you are late on a payment, please just let us know, we do not have a policy on late fees and prefer it that way - we understand if things get tight. Any bounced check will have the bank charge attached to the account.

A student may not change from full time to part time mid-month. We must know before the billing cycle to make the change. No refunds or partial refunds are provided if a student misses class time for sickness, vacation, etc. 

We accept cash, checks or PayPal payments.

What if the Student has Previous Experience?

All students start at White Belt. Students who come in from other Schools or Styles may advance faster, but this will be up to the discretion of the instructor. We understand that this is a sensitive topic and that the student has worked hard for their rank. Not every school will share the same standards and/or testing requirements. We are happy to talk with you about this requirement and recommend that you watch a class.

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