2020 UDKDJ Winter Championships

Our team had a successful competition during Master Wallace's Upper Darby Kodanja Winter Championships help on February 22nd, 2020. Results below.
  • Trent Hard, 2nd dan:
    2nd Fighting
  • Bill Harrington, 8th gup:
    1st Forms, 3rd Fighting
  • Harlow Stover, 7th gup:
    1st Fighting
  • Will Harrington, 7th gup:
    3rd Fighting, 4th Forms
  • Paige Muir, 7th gup:
    1st Fighting, 2nd Forms
  • Stanley Michalski, 5th gup:
    2nd Fighting, 3rd Forms
  • Ella Worcester, 1st gup:
    4th Fighting
  • David Benitez, 6th gup:
    4th Fighting
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