2019 American Tang Soo Do Championships Results

Congratulations to our competitors at the American Tang Soo Do Championships held in Souderton, PA on October 19th, 2019. The next tournament we will be attending is the Upper Darby Ko Dan Ja Invitational in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania. Our competition results are as follows:
  • Adam Pratt, 2nd dan:
    1st in Fighting, 4th in Forms
  • Cole Plant, 1st dan:
    2nd in Fighting
  • Juliana Plant, 1st gup:
    1st in Weapons, 2nd in Fighting, 2nd in Forms
  • Michael Coleman, 1st gup:
    4th in Forms
  • Braiden Sell, 4th gup:
    3rd in Fighting
  • Will Harrington, 8th gup:
    2nd in Fighting, 2nd in Forms
  • Bill Harrington, 10th gup:
    1st in Forms
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