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U.K. Open Tournament Dates

There will be no classes held on Monday, April 23rd through Monday, April 30th while we will be competing at the U.K. Open in Cardiff, Wales.

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   About AmKor Karate Institutes

AmKor Karate Institutes was founded by Master Frederick Scott in 1977 and has established itself as one of the leading schools teaching the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. Unlike many other martial arts schools, we operate without contracts, black belt clubs and other expensive gimmicks. Our Coatesville school is headed by 5th degree black belt, Master Michael Campagnini. Master Campagnini started training under Master Scott in 1992 and has won six world titles, and over 80 medals and trophies at local, national and international events.

We teach martial arts in Valley Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Our focus is on the quality of training, bringing our students to a higher level and ensuring that they have developed a solid foundation by the time they reach black belt. Advancement is based on time and grade, each student must demonstrate proficiency and discipline to be eligible to test. To find out more about all of our schools, visit or contact us to find out more about AmKor Karate of Coatesville.

Classes for Children and Adults

Children Classes

Our children classes are for kids ages five and up. There are many class times available so parents can find a time that works best for them. View our class schedule or browse our curriculum to find out more.

For Ages 5+

Our classes are organized by age and rank. Check out our class schedule and find out about our special offers below!

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Adult Classes

Our adult classes teach each student at their own pace. If you are looking to gain the many benefits of training in a martial art, find out how we can help!

Not Too Old

We teach each student at their own pace, no matter the age. Training in a martial art has many benefits, find out more!

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About Us


AmKor Karate Institutes ( was founded by KJN Frederick Scott in 1977. Under Master Scott’s direction, we have established our schools as being among the top authorities on Tang Soo Do. AmKor Karate school owners have trained directly under Master Scott for decades before pursuing their own AmKor Karate schools.


Our schools have won around the world at many martial arts competitions. We provide our students opportunities that are not available to them at other martial arts schools. AmKor Karate Institutes has competed in countries such as Wales, England, Malaysia, Greece, South Africa and more.


Our classes are designed for children from ages 5+ and adults. We also offer a family discount when enrolling multiple siblings or parents. There are never any contracts or gimmicks at any of our AmKor schools. Any bonus classes scheduled will always be free for our students. Find out more about our classes and curriculum on our FAQ page.

head Instructor

Master Michael Campagnini has trained under Master Frederick Scott since 1992. He holds a 5th degree black belt and continues to compete at many national and international events. Master Campagnini holds 8 international titles in one of the largest Tang Soo Do competitions in the world and over 80 awards from local, national and international tournaments.



    We do our best to teach each student in a way that will help develop confidence, respect and discipline by setting expectations that require hard work to advance.


    Students who demonstrate dedication to training are given great opportunities to train in special classes or attend national and international level competitions.


    Advancement is based on time and grade. Each student must demonstrate they are proficient in the material before being eligible to attend a grading test.


The AmKor Karate of Coatesville gym is located at the Airport Village Shopping Center, minutes off of Lincoln Highway, Business 30. We are in the same shopping center as the Aldi’s supermarket.


126 Airport Road
Coatesville, Pennsylvania 19320

Phone: (484) 288-8546
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