2016 Montgomery County Karate Championships

Tournament Details

The 13th annual Montgomery County Karate Championships will be held this Saturday, May 21st. This touranment is hosted by Master Brian Matys of the AmKor Karate Institutes of Collegeville dojang. Students can compete in forms and fighting for some amazing medals and trophies.

  • Held at the 9th Grade Center in Royersford, PA
  • Competition starts at 10:00 am, sharp!
  • Forms, Fighting and Weapons
  • Beautiful Medals and Trophies
  • $60 to compete in up to three events
  • Spectators are free!


More Information

For more information download the tournament packet below or visit Master Matys' website at www.amkorcollegeville.com. If you have any questions, ask Master Campagnini at the Coatesville gym.

Download the Tournament Packet

2016 TSDMA Invitational

Competition Results

On Sunday, March 6th our gym sent a small, four person team to compete at an event in Watertown, CT. The 2016 TSDMA Invitational was a Tang Soo Do competition held by 7th degree black belt, Master Garth Charland. After a five hour drive and a good night's rest, our team came home with some impressive wins.


  • Two Grand Champion Trophies
  • Four First Place Medals
  • One Silver Medal
  • One Bronze Medal


  • Master Michael Campagnini, 5th dan
  • Ms. Valerie Vilbert, 1st dan
  • Adam Pratt, 1st gup
  • Cole Plant, 3rd gup

We thank Master Charland for his invite and hope to support his event in the future. All of us had a great time traveling and competing.