2016 TSDMA Invitational

Competition Results

On Sunday, March 6th our gym sent a small, four person team to compete at an event in Watertown, CT. The 2016 TSDMA Invitational was a Tang Soo Do competition held by 7th degree black belt, Master Garth Charland. After a five hour drive and a good night's rest, our team came home with some impressive wins.


  • Two Grand Champion Trophies
  • Four First Place Medals
  • One Silver Medal
  • One Bronze Medal


  • Master Michael Campagnini, 5th dan
  • Ms. Valerie Vilbert, 1st dan
  • Adam Pratt, 1st gup
  • Cole Plant, 3rd gup

We thank Master Charland for his invite and hope to support his event in the future. All of us had a great time traveling and competing.